Yeosu Project

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Yeosu Project

List of Background

The Yeosu Project represents a first case of international cooperation project implemented in the context of a World Expo.
The Yeosu Project seeks to bridge the divide between the developed and the developing world and build their capacity for meeting the challenges of climate change and its impact on the marine environment.
Being designed as a pilot exercise for promoting international cooperation, the Yeosu Project aims to expand its scope with the participation of a business circle as well as international organizations. Assistance for study and research on marine environmental changes, participation in international programs for research, and collaboration for development of technology and policy for green growth are a few of the areas incorporated in the Yeosu Project. The program will also invite and educate trainees from developing countries, provide technical assistance for each country to solve its current ocean-related challenges and conduct joint projects on regional seas.

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea seeks to make its contribution to the cause of the environment, particularly in the marine area.
In this exercise, what is important is understanding and support of international community for the cause of the Yeosu Declaration and the Yeosu Project which, in a nutshell, aims at enhancing public awareness of the challenges of environmental changes, presentation of ideas and technology for meeting the challenges. Last but not least, reaffirmation of international cooperation in dealing with the grand task through concrete and concerted actions.

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