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List of Background

Introduction or Overview
Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, which opened under the theme of “The Living Ocean and Coast”, put forth a vision of a prosperous global community living in harmony with the ocean through innovative approaches on conservation and sustainable use.
The Expo ended with the grand nale of the Yeosu Declaration on August 12, 2012, aiming to mobilize the global ocean community to make its vision into a reality. The Yeosu Declaration calls for increased assistance to developing nations throughdevelopment assistance and investment, as well as international cooperation projects.

As an arm to implement the Declaration, the Yeosu Project is designed to provide developing nations, including small island developing states (SIDS), with capacity building support in addressing their ocean-related concerns and sustainably utilizing their marine resources through development assistance and investment, professional training, and knowledge-transfer, if needed, in collaborations with international and/or regional organizations.

Objective of the Yeosu International Ocean Forum 2014
The objective of the Yeosu International Ocean Forum 2014 is to translate the highlights of the Yeosu Declaration into action; to integrate international and national efforts for the advancement of the future roadmap of the Yeosu Project; to implement the capacity building support for the developingnations, including SIDS; and to draw the global ocean community’s attention to the importance of the Yeosu Project by bringing the ‘Joint Statement’ to a fruition.